Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Everything you need to know about your booking with us:

Us: Where you see ‘us’ it refers to Bruntwood

You: This is where we refer to the customer

Payment: This is any of our payment methods

Account: The customer account within Bruntwood required to book, cancel and view meeting room bookings

Move: Where the booking is moved to another date or time, instead of being cancelled

Them: Any third party or external supplier

Provisional: Not a confirmed booking, held for a short time. This is not a secure booking

Confirmed: Where the booking has been confirmed and payment has been taken

Our terms and conditions

1.0 Making a booking

All bookings are only confirmed once payment has been received. If booking online you will have a maximum 30 minutes to hold the room before payment is required, failure to make payment within this time will lead to the booking being released. If we book the room on your behalf you’ll be directed to make a payment via your online account, once the payment has been made via debit or credit card the booking will be confirmed. Where payment isn’t made the booking will be cancelled.

2.0 Payment

All of our confirmed bookings require full payment via debit/credit card before they’re confirmed - you’ll then receive a receipt of payment via email. Any bookings via debit or credit card may be subject to the banking providers ‘Secure Customer Authentication’ which will need to be authorised before final payment is taken.

3.0 Legislation

You shall obtain all licences and consents which are required under any legislation to use the room or carry out any other activity in the room.

You shall not do or omit to do anything in the room which would result in us incurring any cost penalty or liability under any legislation.

4.0 Catering

Bruntwood doesn’t offer catering or cutlery as part of your booking, but we can point you in the direction of some locally sourced and approved suppliers. If you bring in catering for your meeting room booking you’ll need to ensure that all applicable licensing and food preparation, hygiene & safety laws are complied with. In particular (but without limitation) you must ensure that no sales of alcohol are made on the premises. By agreeing to these terms you indemnify Bruntwood against any related claims and losses.

5.0 Cancellation

If you’d like to change the date or time of your booking we’ll do everything we can to help you with this, you have up to 48 hours before the booking date to make changes without any penalties. After this time you can still cancel the booking but a 100% cancellation fee will apply. To cancel your booking you can do this in two ways, you can contact us directly on 0800 731 0300 Monday - Friday 8.30am to 5pm or you can access your own account online and cancel the booking there, bookings are not considered cancelled until a confirmation email has been received.

If you’d like to amend your booking we can do this up to 48 hours before your original booking time & date, if amending the booking results in a higher amount being owed you will need to pay this amount to secure the booking. If the new amount is less than the original amount paid on the original booking a credit note will be issued for the difference.

6.0 How we’ll communicate with you

We’ll confirm any bookings via email and we may call you on the number provided to confirm booking details or booking updates.

7.0 Promotional codes and discounts

If by prior arrangement or special offer, you receive a discount or promotional code then you must enter this prior to completion of your booking. Any promotion or discounts cannot be applied retrospectively once a booking is confirmed. We also have the right to remove a discount code from your booking if it’s been used incorrectly.

By proceeding, you confirm you have read and understood these terms.

8.0 Your account

To create, view or amend a booking you must create an account with us. Access to this account should only be via the account owner and no access details should be shared with others. If you would like our help to make a booking we’ll need to create an account with us before any bookings can be made.

9.0 How we’ll use your data

As per the Bruntwood privacy policy, which can be found at Privacy Policy | Bruntwood we may use your details in accordance with this policy. Bruntwood, nor its third-party booking provider Nexudus will sell your details to any third party. If you’d like to discuss this policy or would choose to opt out of marketing please contact us at 0800 731 0300 and we’ll be happy to help.

Accept all terms and conditions